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Online Sheep Milk Customer


Our family are intolerant to cow and goat milk, but fine with sheeps, incl our 11 month old baby

Online Sheep Milk Customer


Saved our daughter's life when she was a baby as was intolerant to everything else including breast milk after 8 months when she started to lose weight rapidly (in spite of breast milk still being plentiful)....sheep's milk turned this around and she still drinks it to this day (now 26!!)
Who introduced you to sheep milk?: Daughter's Paediatrician who was running a pilot scheme using Sheep's milk for underweight and sickly babies.

Online Sheep Milk Customer


My skin feel has more elasticity and big difference ref Bones in neck which used to crunch a lot but have definitely now lessened. Love a cold glass in the evening. Thank you sheep!

Online Sheep Milk Customer


I drink sheep milk as eases sinus problems 

Online Sheep Milk Customer


Both my children have eczema and signs of intolerance to cows milk. I have carried out extensive research over the last 7 years and we use goats milk and sheeps cheese at home. I have been looking for a supplier of sheeps milk for a while and was given your details by Woodlands Dairy, whose sheeps milk yoghurt I buy. I look forward to trying sheeps milk and seeing how we get on. Animal welfare is hugely important to me and I have found the information on your website regarding welfare critical to my decision to buy your milk - thank you for providing so much information!


Online Sheep Milk Customer

Hello and thank you so much for the most tastiest milk ever. Even better than goat and raw cow's milk. I will be ordering again regularly as it is better for me, and it's doesn't upset my stomach. Thank you again your milk is delicious.

Online Sheep Milk Customer


 I love milk and able to love it again with your ewes milk after developing an allergy to cow/beef proteins.

Online Sheep Milk Customer


Last lot was delicious, no intolerance problems


Online Sheep Milk Customer, London

Thank you so much for processing the order so swiftly! We were on the last bottle today and the new order was delivered just in time today for a bedtime drink!


Online Sheep Milk Customer, Oxfordshire

Thanks for selling lovely healthy sheep's milk, all we have it in the house!

Online Sheep Milk Customer

West Glamorgan

I seem to be doing great on your sheep milk. So pleased.

Online Sheep Milk Customer


Our daughter could only tolerate sheep's milk as a baby.....recommended by her Paediatrician 25 years ago!

Online Sheep Milk Customer


I originally found you through a google search, but this is now my 4th order of sheep milk and I'll keep ordering from you guys as the milk tastes great and the service is excellent!


BBC Good Food Show London

I'm really fussy with ice cream but Friezee is my cup of tea.

Mike & Jill

BBC Good Food Show London

Christmas pudding flavoured ice cream would be an excellent  alternative after Christmas dinner to a heavy pud!

Eeinn Leahey

BBC Good Food Show London

Fantastic for my kids!

Martine Burke

Mannings Heath

The Xmas pudding flavour goes with the pudding - it's a fact!! Vanilla is a perfect accompaniment too!
P.S Our Italian visitors LOVED your Lemon Friezee with BISCOTTI! Coals to Newcastle but I think you may have to export to the home of gelato!
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