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Sheep milk is a great natural alternative to cow dairy

Sheep milk has a lighter environmental impact in comparison to cows: sheep produce less methane, cause smaller amounts of nitrogen to leach from the land and need a relatively small acreage for producing milk.  Our sheep milk is produced in Horsham, West Sussex with the help of our amazingly supportive family. 

our produce

Dairy intolerant friendly, high in protein and calcium. Sheep milk is easier to digest and kinder on the stomach.
We are a small family farm milking our own sheep and they graze on real grass. We love our sheep and many of them have names. We milk them once a day in a modern parlour we believe that it isn't absolutely necessary to milk twice. We are a family business and everyone mucks in at lambing time.
We have about 200 sheep including the lambs from last year and the shearlings from the year before which we keep to build our flock naturally or to replace those that may have gone into retirement. Our retired ladies spend their time in the fields bringing up their lambs.  
We start the season in April milking about 90 ewes and by the end of September we are usually milking about 40 ewes as we have dried off the majority ready for the next season. We freeze milk during the milking season and if we run out we buy in milk from a friend who milks all year.
My first toe in the water was trialling a small batch of your milk at couple of years ago and was ecstatic to find that I could drink it without problems.

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