Sheep Milk

Our nutritious sheep milk is bottled and snap frozen on the farm to ensure that it's fresh when defrosted in your home. With the added bonus of being naturally homogeneous it won't separate like cow's milk and has almost twice the protein and calcium.  Our ewes are grass fed and produce milk enriched with minerals and vitamins including B12.  It's also dairy intolerant friendly and easy to digest.


After realising that we weren't going to be the next Ben and Jerry's I scaled down my ice cream making antics and now only make small artisan batches when needed. I can't help but dabble with the flavours so who knows what will be on the menu next. We use natural flavours and thickeners and avoid colourings when possible, we've also have reduced the sugar content to make it slightly healthier. It's called Friezee because the sheep are Frieslands and it's frozen!


Our cheese range is made by Sussex High Weald Dairy who produce award winning cheeses in a few different guises. See our shop for more info. We will be attempting to make our own cheese this space...

Healthy sheep milk... for the win!

I found it whilst trying to find out about Riboflavin (B2)

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