“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates 300 BC

Cooking with sheep milk is simple...

Replace sheep milk like for like, it's naturally creamy, nutritious and delicious.
(Always consult your Doctor or Nutritionist before changing your diet)

Cheese Making

We don't make a cheese commercially, but we can highly recommend the High Weald Dairy Cheese Course, click the photo above for more info.


Click here to watch video on EweTube

How To Make Paneer Cheese in 30 Minutes

Often found in curries...but can be used in many ways...click photo for full recipe

Make homemade sheep milk butter

You can't buy sheep milk butter in the UK - Yet!!  (I'm working on it) Apparently you can buy it from Danone in Greece.

There are several ways to make butter at home:

  1. Pour sheep milk into the jar and screw on the lid. Shake jar until butter forms a soft lump, 15 to 20 minutes. Pour contents of the jar into a fine mesh strainer and strain out the buttermilk, leaving the solid butter. Remove the lump of butter add salt and wrap in plastic wrap.

  2. Instead of putting the milk into a jar you can use a food processor using the plastic blade - be warned it does take a long time so don't burn out the motor!

  3. Or you can buy a butter churn - Kilner make one that you may be able to get from your local cook shop or online.


Easy Homemade Yogurt

1ltr Sheep milk

160gms Woodlands yogurt (as a starter culture)



Put milk into a pan & heat slowly until nearly at the boil - about 80°C (don't worry if it boils, it'll still work)

Cool to about 40°C and whisk in the yogurt.

If you have a yogurt maker then you can pour into the jars and set the timer for 8hrs.

If you don't have one then apparently it still works if you put it into a flask and leave on the side overnight. (I'm yet to try this so let me know if it works!) Click here to see a EweTube video.

Click here it see EweTube video of how to make yogurt the traditional way, with culture.

Sheep Milk Kefir

To make a very nutritious and probiotic breakfast sheep milk drink click the photo

or here: https://happykombucha.co.uk/pages/how-to-make-milk-kefir-1


To add more vitamins to your kefir simply add citrus peel of your choice to your kefir. After straining the grains add the peel to the kefir for 5 to 8 hrs or overnight in a sealed jar. For detailed info and more options click here.

For EweTube videos: click here or here or here.

For where to buy the kefir click on the links below:







300ml Sheep milk

2 Eggs

20g Caster Sugar

Pinch of Salt

115g Plain Flour

55g Melted Butter




Put milk, eggs, sugar and salt in a bowl and whisk or put in a blender and blend. Add the flour a little at a time and mix until smooth.


If time allows put in the fridge and rest batter for 30 mins.


Stir in melted butter just before cooking. Heat pan to a fairly high heat with just enough oil to cover surface. wipe off any surplus with a paper towel, be careful not to burn yourself. When oil is hot put enough batter in to cover the pan with a thin layer, move it around to cover the whole pan.


Release the edges and lift up to see if it has browned, the top should look dry. Then, if brave flip it over, if not, use a fish slice.


Keep cooking and flipping until your batter is finished and you have a huge pile of pancakes.



My Nan's Victoria Sponge Cake

5oz/155g Butter or marg

5oz/155g Sugar

7oz/220g Self Raising Flour

2 medium eggs (beaten)

2 tblsp sheep milk


Once you have your ingredients turn oven on to 180c or 170c for fan ovens


Using an electric whisk cream together the butter and sugar, slowly

add the eggs a little at a time to prevent curdling. Sieve in flour a spoonful at a time and fold all the flour in using the figure of eight method. Fold in milk at the end and split evenly into two 8" cake tins.

Cook for 25- 35 minutes


You can also use this recipe to make butterfly cakes by cooking cup cakes instead. They won't take as long to cook (about 15 mins) once cooked and cooled on a rack cut the tops off fill with butter icing, cut the top in half and arrange on top to look like a butterfly.

Sheep milk white sauce

300ml sheep milk

25 gms/1 tblsp cornflour

knob of butter

Salt and pepper or nutmeg


Put all ingredients into a small saucepan, whisk ingredients together. Cook on high, bring to the boil, stir constantly until the sauce coats the back of a spoon about 2-3 minutes.


To make it a little more exciting you can add cheese, or mushrooms, or parsley, or even wholegrain mustard.

Sheep Shake

Takes 5 mins


2 spoonfuls of yummy sheep ice cream (Friezee) or sheep milk yoghurt

Creamy sheep milk

Flavouring of your choice (drinking chocolate is good!)


First add ice cream or yogurt to the the milk, then blend them together in a blender or if you don’t have a blender you can give it a quick whisk.


Then you're ready to drink your delicious sheep shake!

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We use our sheep milk in lots of recipes including;

White sauce, custard, lasagne, Yorkshire pudding, pancakes, waffles, scotch pancakes, cakes, bread,
pasta dishes, porridge, kefir, breakfast cereal, milkshake/sheepshake, iced coffee, yoghurt, ice cream, cheese.