Our milk story

The seed was planted...

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We met a tall 'ginger' Scottish man (if he'd been dark, the story may of been a different one). At the very exclusive sheep 2000 show in Torquay whilst staying with Auntie Jo & stealing a few days away from the farm (Matt knows how to show a girl a good time). Back then we bred the ewes for the meat sheep market.


The tall ginger Scottish man said we should milk sheep as it’s a better cash flow and a growing industry.

We thought long and hard about the commitment it would be to milk for 180 days or more without a break and the disruption it may cause to our kids, not to mention the investment in plant and sheep. We went to see some dairies & tasted the milk, remember the old style gold top milk?  Well, we think sheep milk tastes just like that..

We thought for 2 years until we went for a long awaited weekend break....

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... I thought we were going for a couple of days rest in Devon. Matt had itchy feet on day two and booked us in to go and see some milking sheep for sale.


We bought them... and some more, then the went from one end of the country to the other collecting the bits and pieces we needed to build the dairy and parlour to start milking.


We also treated the kids to a break & went on a sheep milking holiday where the lovely Tom and Helen taught us all we needed to know.

The parlour and dairy room were finished just before we lambed...

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Most of the parlour and dairy room were built by us with a little help from friends and family not to forget the lovely Dairy Engineer, Philip. After a few inspections from the local EHO and Dairy inspector we were off and running before our feet touched the ground.


The rest is history as they say...

...the tall Scottish man now lives in New Zealand...still milking sheep though.


We are now in our 3rd year of milking and have established a good market for our milk and developed a naturally nutritious ice cream for which we are still spreading the good word. We are always learning and changing things around. Matt is  good at thinking up new ways to do things and has recently adapted a dairy cow feeder to feed the sheep to keep up their nutrition before they lamb and start the milking season.  Every year we talk to others at different conferences and swap ideas, it's a lovely industry to work in.  We're always looking for new ways to market our produce and testing new products, in the pipe line we have sheep milk kefir as well as more delicious ice cream flavours... I'll keep you posted on any developments on our n'ewes page.

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This is our great friend Alistair who used to come and help out on the farm for lambing...check out that 80's haircut... it sounds like Sarah may of wet herself laughing!